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Woman of God | Best Selling Author | Speaker | Coach | Entrepreneur

What if you knew what to say every time and in every situation to close more than 50-60% of your prospects and potential customers? How would that change your business & life?  In this Live Prospecting & Closing Training call, I will teach you how to do just that!! After being in the Sales industry & Network Marketing industry for nearly one decade and closing more than 70% of the leads and prospects that come my way, I have some secrets and techniques that can help you explode your business and your sales! In this training you will learn:

  • How to have the correct posture that commands immediate attention!

  • The psychology of sales & how to identify what your  prospect really wants & needs!

  • The art of positive persuasion & getting prospects & potential customers to say yes!

  • How to present your opportunity & pique interest without being salesy & saying too much!

  • Live role play to ensure you fully understand what is taught,hence applying it immediately in your business!

  • How to overcome rejection & use it as fuel!

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Sale price $47

Prospecting & Closing Techniques To Grow Your Business & Sales!!

Prayers & Notes To My Future Husband, is a book filled with power packed faith declarations that will both spiritually cover your future or current husband. This book will encourage those in their singleness, build up their faith, but most importantly, cover their husbands spiritually in advance.

Prayers & Notes To My Future Husband

Order The Autographed Paperback Copy Of The Bestselling Book That Has Changed THOUSANDS of Lives Around The World For Only $8!

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For single women, in “How To Be The Wife That Every Good Man Wants To Find” you will be taught the true purpose of dating, how to prepare for marriage,how to weed out all of the counterfeit men that come before Mr.Right, and you will learn how to transform your thinking from being a girlfriend, to a wife, all while being God centered!

For the Married woman, you will be either reminded or informed of the Biblical virtues of being a godly wife,and the principles to obtain and maintain a great marriage for both you and your husband!

“How To Be The Wife That Every Good Man Wants To Find”

Order The Autographed Paperback Copy Of The Bestselling Book That Has Changed THOUSANDS of Lives Around The World For Only $8!  Limited Time Sale Only!

Imagine if You Could....

Have qualified prospects flooding your Facebook inbox and your Instagram D.M. Imagine getting just the right amount of traffic to your site to convert your ideal prospect into your new business partner. How would that make you feel? How different would life be for you? What would it feel like to to no longer chase people down to your business,or opportunity call?

In this 2 week live course, I am going to share the secrets and strategies that I have used to get on the leaderboard consecutively in a prior company. How I have had multiple days where I have earned 4 figures while out enjoying my life, and not even have to answer my phone! Throughout my years of Internet Marketing, I have been able to earn 6 figures on the internet through leveraging affiliates,network marketing,and my own personal brand! I want to help you position yourself properly so that you gain and attract the success you deserve and desire!

Attraction Marketing

There is an art and a skill set that is required to attract the right customers and business partner to you. We will discover who your ideal client is, and create a strategy to attract them to your opportunity and product.


Automation That Pays!

The key to living the life of freedom that is presented to us as Entrepreneurs & for Network Marketers is through automation! You want to have new sign ups, and sales on an evergreen basis, making money in your sleep! I will teach you the tools and systems you need to create automation that pays!


Your brand is everything!! Branding effectively and consistently with a core message will give you the influence that you need to attract the right people and audience. Branding yourself is one of the key elements to your success. No longer will you brand your company or product, but you will brand yourself like a pro!

Regular price $497, Sale price only $67

Why Work With Me?

My purpose is to empower you into your God given purpose! Because this is my purpose, not merely a job, I actually care about you winning! Frankly, I bring results! I help you solve your problems! There is NO fluff or sugar coating things with me(you should know that by now, especially if you follow me on Periscope lol).  Before I ever had a client, I was my own client. I went from being a homeless, single disabled mom, to a TWO time #1 Bestselling Author,Speaker,Entrepreneur ,Internet Marketing Consultant & Coach. With that said, I coach from experience,skill set, and of course, the anointing! Do something different in 2016 by partnering with me as your coach, and allow me to get you in your purpose and be profitable doing it! 

My regular fees start at $350 an hour, but for the first 10 people who order their coaching session NOW can get TWO sessions for ONLY $125!! That is $575 OFF!! 

Listen, my fees will NOT be this low again, so get your session NOW and allow me to help you grow your business and or win in your personal life!

  • Identify Who You Targeted Audience Is!

  • Strategic Planning; From Idea To Business!

  • Discover Which Ads You Need!

  • Recording Of All Coaching Sessions!

  • Unlimited* Email Access For Monthly Membership Clients!

  • Gain Clarity!

  • Go From Book Idea To Creating A Bestselling Author Blueprint!

  • And So Much More!


Winning In Relationship Series Over 20 Audio & Video Trainings!

1 On One Coaching

Whether You Are Single,Engaged, Or Married, This "Winning In Relationships" Course Is Going To Give You Life! Win In Your Singleness! Win In Your Courtship!Win In Your Marriage!

Get Over 90% Off This Weekend Only!

Classes Include Some Of The Following:

"Before I Say I Do"

"10 Reasons Why You're Still Single"

"How Equally Yoked Do We Have To Be"

"What To Do When He's Not Ready To Settle Down" "When Your Ex Move On"

"Dating While Saved: New Christian Edition"!

"You're Gonna Love Me"?!

"Letting Go Of Mr Wrong"

"Are We Friends Or Nah"?!

"Should Christians Do Online Dating"?

"Ladies, Are You Too Available"?

"He's Just Yo "Baby Daddy"!

"How Long Should We Date Before Marriage"?

"Lies Women Tell Themselves.."

"God Said Your My Wife"?!

"Filling Voids Through Relationships"

"What To Look For In A Man"

"How To Move On"

And So Much More!

Winning In Relationship Series Over 20 Audio & Video Trainings!

$497 Value But Yours This Weekend Only For $22!!

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broken beauty

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“Working with Sharita has been an amazing experience. She is genuine, caring, & is passionate about empowering women to be all God has call us to be.  She offers invaluable resources that can take you to the next level!”

—  Arlinda Lindsay LCSW, LCAC, Therapist & Life Coach

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