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Woman of God | Best Selling Author | Speaker | Coach | Entrepreneur

Sharita Leon is a mother, two-time bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, speaker, singer, songwriter, former radio co-host, life and business coach, and protégé of the incomparable Les Brown. She is on a mission to educate, encourage, empower and inspire her tribe to greatness.  


Though her resume and accomplishments are impressive, Sharita has not always been the dynamic ‘tribe leader’ she is today. Life had taken its toll and adversity had her in its grips. She struggled through disability, homelessness, and single motherhood deciding that those labels were not a declaration of her final destination.


One morning, as she stared deeply into her reflection in the mirror, she thought to herself, “I need to get my life.” With that assertion, she channeled her inner grit, determination, and faith and began to walk towards her divine appointment. At the heart of her ministry is teaching and encouraging people to embrace and live life unapologetically – stepping forward in faith, with intention. Through her books, speaking engagements and other writings, she has embraced her calling and in 2016 held the inaugural Broken Beauty Conference which served to impact the lives of all who attended.


Still, Sharita feels there is so much more to be done and so much more people to be reached. While reflecting on the time of her own brokenness, she remembered the words she spoke to herself, “…get your life”; three little words that held the largest impact in turning her world around. It dawned on her that it was time for a blueprint.


In her new book, Get Your Life: The Guide to Living a Life of Divine Purpose and Prosperity on Your Own Terms readers will find the roadmap and blueprint so desperately needed to navigate life and build a destiny. Sharita serves as your personal architect. The book, ripe with insight, activities, and actionable steps challenges each reader to stop sitting on the sidelines and hoping for someone to put you in the game of life.  You are left empowered and emboldened to actively pursue life; to go out and do, be, and have all you envision.





GET YOUR LIFE… Action. Ownership. Existence. 


  • Is it time for YOU to make an unbreakable bond with you?

  • Is it time to take YOUR life off of the backburner?

  • Is it time YOU make yourself a priority?

  • Is it time YOU learn to walk in faith?

  • Is it time YOU accept divine authority and divine appointments?

  • Is it time YOU take action over and ownership of YOUR existence?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it is clearly time for YOU to GET YOUR LIFE.


Available in early January, this is more than just a book; it is 2017’s most tremendous, life-changing, game-changing movement.



























Sharita is always inspiring her tribe to reach others, so as you GET YOUR LIFE, there exists an opportunity for YOU to help someone else get theirs by becoming a Brand Ambassador for Get Your Life: The Guide to Living a Life of Divine Purpose and Prosperity on Your Own Terms.

To become an approved BRAND AMBASSADOR:

  • Complete the online application

  • Upon approval from our committee you will be sent a .jpg of the Get Your Life book cover for use as the default picture across all personal social media

  • You will also receive flyers and various other marketing collateral regarding the book and book launch to be shared with your circles of influence



  • Complete the BRAND AMBASSADOR requirements AND:

  • Organize an event to bring me to your area for a workshop and meet and greet

    • Suggested ticket prices

      • $45 general admission includes a copy of the book

      • $60 VIP admission includes a signed copy of the book PLUS one hour Q&A post-event with Sharita Leon

  • Ambassadors receive complimentary admission to the event PLUS 10% of event ticket sales



  • Inclusion in a private Facebook group with direct access to Sharita

  • 30 minute group coaching call for 6 months






“It is my heart to reach out and touch each life I possibly can in an immense way! It is more than just mere desire, it is divine calling. I am mobilizing AMBASSADORS to do the same. Be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a soft voice when everything else is harsh.” – Sharita Leon

“While you work to GET YOUR LIFE, reach out to a brother or sister and help them get theirs too. Alone, we can touch a few. Together we can touch many!” – Sharita Leon

“As you can imagine, the birthing process has been something else! I feel as if I have been pregnant with this forever…and my due date is fast approaching. I cannot wait to share my new ‘baby’ with all of you. As I write each day, I pray the words will bless, empower, and inspire you to greatness.” – Sharita Leon

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